For schools.

Over the years, Seriously has been visiting schools to help teach children about the importance of antibiotics and why, if we don’t act now, they might stop working in the future. ‘Seriously Resourceful’ brings together educational games, activities, and other teaching resources to explore all things germs. Whether for use in school or at home, the aim is to have fun learning.

What can schools do?

In building the resilience of future generations, educators can make a huge difference by communicating the messages of self- care and immunity to those they work with. We want to educate children and young people about the different ways germs make us ill, how our bodies fight back, and how different treatments work best for different illnesses and infections.

To do this we need your help to:

  1. Build resilience in children through education about different germs and how they affect our bodies.
  2. Educate children about self-care and the body’s immunity.
  3. Increase awareness of the different types of illness and how they are treated.
  4. Download our free teaching resources and activities to help keep antibiotics working.
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